Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Thrifted crochet, leather 'n cane

 There were more thrifted finds in the holidays...

Good things come to those who wait hey?! In our thrifting jaunts I've been looking for a casual, large-ish low table for our living area and crochet anything.

Here is one piece of such crochet. There's a basket in one our regular thrifting haunts that I have been poking through for about six months. It's not very often full. It often contains store-bought doilies. But on this day, oh yes, it was chock full and overflowing. AND with hand-made doilies. At first I thought this runner was a run of the mill one, but when I ironed it I realised it is indeedy a hand-made job! And it wasn't the only one we found :-) More will be revealed at another time...

The bonus of thrifting is that you always find other things along the way hey?! In this case a leather bag. All ready for some TLC. But with a nice retro vibe to it. After a lick of leather cream (and a good old clean!) I used it today for a town trip. It's a great size. So, a bonus bit of bounty!

On this particular day we also found the desired table. At another favourite haunt. In fact we found two tables. One for outside (a typical wooden slat table, to-be-revealed-later too) and another one for inside (in cane).  The inside table is quite good knick. There is the temptation to paint it, but I think it might be in too good a shape for paint yet. Won't rule the old 'paint-it-white' rule out though. The outside table... hmmm... not in such great knick ;-) But Mr Ambitious already has a wooden slat bench pulled down and ready for an overhaul, so he is 'gladly' adding the new table to the task. Actually, I think he's secretly quite pleased, the bench and the table are well suited!

So, there you go. We were VERY happy thrifters in the holidays! With such luck I'm not sure that I will now find anything else for months... it goes in spells doesn't it?! But the house today is blessedly quiet... school's gone back. The next thrifting trip will probably be just the littlest one and me, so perhaps our luck will hold, we'll at least have less bribes to pay people to please!

Hope your home is quiet and peaceful today!

Yours in thriftiness... :-)

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