Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I dreamed a dream

I dreamed a dream. In my dream....

      ....all the walls were white. Or (just) grey. There were shells, sticks and brown string. There were waves to be ridden. You could walk along the sand morning and evening. It was serene. Aside from the wind, waves and birds it was silent. And did I mention clean? Pristine actually.

These were definitely not a part of the dream; small people on summer holidays smelling like chlorine, a family budget being written, a swimming lessons schedule, shopping 'expeditions' for school items, meals to be made and of course, ironing to be done!

Must be a good dream-catcher hey?! ;-)

Actually, I made this dream-catcher almost a month ago. Says something hey, given that it's only appearing now... and apparently the fluoro versions we made at new years aren't very effective, the boy has told me a few times that he's having nightmares still. Though I'm not sure they are classified as nightmares when your eyes are still open! Perhaps he's had enough of the summer holidays ;-)


  1. Love the dream catcher! And also the dream holiday!

    1. Ta! You can make your very own at our Country Fair!!! :-)


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