Tuesday, January 22, 2013

We've been a-thriftin'

So, what do you do with three small people in the long, aussie, summer school holidays? Why, you go 'a-thriftin'! Of course!!!

And as a special mother's reward this lamp base was found. For $5. Yep. So she's not quite, completely pretty with that shade, well not so for my taste, but I reckon we could all do with a new shade! And I think this little lamp base would probably be happy with an updated shade.

Here's the proof of the $5-  Actually the weave of the shade looks reasonable in this shot... maybe I should try painting it... hmmm. That will have to wait until these aussie summer holidays are over. Am not up for any more painting accompanied by the inevitable fingerprints around the house!

Here's a sneak peak of another type of shade... Probably not perfect, but slightly better methinks... Will have to have a look about the shops once I don't have three side-kicks with me ;-)

Alright. I'm off to start another post right now so maybe, just maybe, I could get another post on here within a week - now that would be exciting! Especially if I managed it BEFORE the holidays ended!!! Now that would be very exciting!

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