Tuesday, January 29, 2013

It's raining, it's pouring

 Last week we lived in a land of bushfires and hot, brown, dry paddocks. This week Australia is a land of floods and rain. Quite a contrast, this country of ours. And timely that we see this contrast on the holiday that we call 'Australia Day'!

This is the rain on our courtyard-facing windows. It's sheltered in this courtyard. We're not threatened by floods. But we think of those who are. We all watch the weather and the forecasts. And in the country we check the rain gauges, measuring the millimetres.

It could have been fun to try and capture the raindrops having a race down the glass... but they weren't playing! It was a bit of fun playing with the focus and the water droplets through the glass...

Am off to pack those school bags now - yay! 


  1. So pleased you got some much needed rain. I am off to deal with some water damage issues we have discovered here - Yuck!!
    Happy First Day of School!!!

    1. Oooh, good luck with the wet stuff! And yes, happy (school) days here :-)


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