Thursday, January 24, 2013

Parrots in a Privet Tree

On this side of the world we don't have partridges in pear trees, rather we have parrots... King Parrots!

And in this case they were in a privet tree. It's our version of partridges in a pear tree :-)

This is generally not the best tree to have around, some species of privet plants are actually labelled 'noxious weeds' in our state of New South Wales, and not a thing will grow under this tree. However, it's shape is nice... so although it's life is threatened every spring when the hayfever hits, it lives on in it's place.

Excuse the dappled light in these shots. Rather a tricky spot really.

In the top shot those parrots are saying "We have seen you and we are watching you, even though we're eating we've got our eye on you lot!" ;-) Then they both come up for a good look at us. And finally (below) the chap says "Right, that enough checking out of my lady!" and promptly shields her from our view. What a gentleman!

Rightio, hope you like our gorgeous parrots! 


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