Friday, January 25, 2013

Early morning @ the farm

Recently we stayed overnight at the farm...

Quite a novelty when you only live 30 kilometres away! Maybe it's not such a novelty when it involves pre-sunrise awakening to attend to cattle... but then the camera assists one in seeing the beauty of rising early... 

This tree stands as a sentinel atop the hill. You can see it from the house. In fact, from the kitchen window. I like that :-) Draws the eye right up to the line of the hill, the horizon, draws you up, up and away!

As the sun started to peek over the top of the hills the colours started to be painted across the landscape. Those super soft morning pastels. Nice stuff. Even when viewed though still-bleary-from-sleep eyes.

It's pretty cool the way the sun hits the landscape in stages. First one range of hills as a backdrop, then the valley in front, then finally the foreground. Only I missed the sun on the foreground shot, the stomach was calling too loudly!

Here's the seemingly obligatory close-up detail shot :-) I just can't resist.

And lastly, probably my favourite. Another tree. Painted in pastels. With the sun about to hit it.

Ah, happy morning light. I wish I had the guts fortitude to see you more often! Especially at the moment, when in the heat of the aussie summer, it is really is the prime time of the day. Yaddah, yaddah, whatever, I just can't do it. No matter how often Mr MorningSunshine teases me about it. Next week will bring on the dreaded school routine and then the alarm will herald the time to rise, I'll be 'rue-ing' the end of the summer holidays then hey?! Or it might be as the littlest one currently states: "Maybe yes, maybe no"!

Happy Friday to you all!

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