Monday, January 28, 2013

A strategy for watering the garden

Right. So. Last week (though you'd hardly believe it after this weekend), we were watering our garden...

The littlest one really loves to help with the gardening, but especially with the watering. She grabs the gumboots. Gathers together a watering can or two. And follows me around the garden sporadically positioning her watering can right under the hose nozzle and thereby filling her watering can up. Then the water gets dumped all over the nearest plant/path/foot! All very helpful. Or so I thought. Until I saw her out helping her father with the same task... this time she had a spoon along with her can. A spoon? Where does that fit into the watering scheme? Check this out:

You fill the spoon with water. Of course. You must concentrate to do this. It's tricky! And then you use it apply a measured amount of water to each plant?! Of course NOT. The littlest one has a much better use... :-) Scroll down for the photo evidence.

The joys of being the littlest one, in your big brothers gumboots, outside in the summer air with plenty of water to play with! It's a good life. I hope she is enjoying it!

Talk soon... school's going back this week and so I may just regain some portion of personal freedom! If you're sending small people back to school too, good luck and enjoy that first cuppa in a quiet(er) house!!!

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