Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Sanity in the house

 Today I'm in a rush. As usual I know. But I've set myself a challenge...

It's the last day of school before our long summer break here. We've got five and a half weeks of holidays ahead of us. With not one, not two, but three small people at home! I'm not at all sure how the house will survive!

So today my challenge is to have a house of order - all to myself! I'm cleaning and primping this house. To within an inch of it's life. And currently every room is as clean as a vacuum, dust and mop can make it... I've done the bathrooms... the kitchen was done thoroughly last weekend... and after I post this (and perhaps read a few other favourite blogs) I'm going to arm myself with the eucalyptus oil and get wiping.

Be aware, I am NOT showing-off. I wouldn't dare, I've barely scratched the surface, and tomorrow it will ALL be undone. Almost immediately. Argh!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, and yes, we've had a 'switcheroo'.  I've moved the furniture around. Here's the table in the alcove which used to look like this. It works ok. BUT we miss having a ceiling fan above the table and the sitting area now turns into a toy repository faster than you can even say 'switcheroo'! How do they do it?! So after the holidays are over and we no longer need a toy repository I'll have another switcheroo-session and move it all back.

Alright, I know I should be glad to have the small people about my person for the next little while. Yes, I know they grow up too fast, etc etc. And yes, I WILL have some lovely times with them in the next few weeks. But I am realistic enough to know that the house suffers at their hands! As does my sanity ;-) So, with that in mind I am determined to have this one day of order, all to myself...

And then, let the games begin....!

Happy Holidays to you if you're in Australia :-)


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