Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Before the (fire) ban

Before the fire ban we went camping out the back of the farm. For one night. We lit a fire...

The fire was to cook our barbeque tea... But...

We had two small people with us. And both of them find the fire irresistible. Hmmm. Makes things interesting. Turns you into VERY attentive parents!

Apparently one must find a long stick, preferably one longer than that sourced by your sibling. Then one must hold the end of said stick in the fire until it is alight....

Then one must twirl the lit stick to create a pattern in the dark!

The activity, though scary for the older generation, kept them captivated for absolutely ages. Until tea was over and it was time for bed. In the tent. Such an adventure. For both generations! We'll definitely repeat the camping adventure. Once the fire ban ends, at the end of summer. And next time we'll take the gorgeous girl as well, and marshmallows!

This little posting was brought to you courtesy of a morning spent cleaning the house for yet another real estate inspection.... I treated myself to a posting ;-) Ah, the luxuries of a simple life!!!

Enjoy your Tuesday.

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