Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Rams in a Row

We've been hand feeding our rams every now and then. Just a bucket of oats to keep them in good nick and easy to handle (ie. quiet).

So how do you get seven very woolly blokes weighing 80plus kilograms to come and have a feed of oats from a trough? It's surprisingly easy! They come when called... Like big pups! You head down the paddock with the bucket, you call out "Baa-aaaarh, baa-aaa" and you start tipping the oats into the trough. And they come trotting on up! I love it - it's one of my favourite farm jobs :-)

Once they get nearer they keep a close eye on me and I keep a close eye on them... I know just one bump from one of them would knock me unceremoniously to the ground!

It's quite obvious they appreciate the extra bit of feed. They hang around that spot for hours/days just hoping...

How funny that there's always one who faces the wrong way! It's very similar to taking photos of kids, there's always one looking away... You just can't yell at these boys to organise them though!

And there's one chap who would like to show his appreciation more personally, or he's just keen for an extra handful of oats. He comes right up, he's even been brave enough to sniff my hand some days! I'm VERY wary, always ready to run (I think I'd be faster!), but I let him come as close as he dares. See him coming up close in the picture below.

How close would you let him get?! The town-girl in me marvels at my false bravado ;-)

Talk soon.

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  1. I reckon if he comes to you for a bit of oats he will be friendly enough. Just have enough to make him happy. You never know you might have the whole crew coming before you know it.


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