Friday, May 29, 2015

Green and authentic.

Right. Here's some authentic cut greenery that is residing in our lounge at the moment. From our local Farmer's Market last Saturday. Thought it'd 'go' with the green velvet vintage lounge from my Nan. I'm loving it...

But more on that concept of authenticity.

Last weekend there was a session in our town on the 'Joy of Blogging'. It was a part of the Sydney Writers Festival. So, being freshly invigorated with blogging, I went along. Three local bloggers sat and chatted about their blogs (more about them another day). They talked about how they blog, why they blog, who they blog for and mostly (or so it spoke to me) about being authentic. In blogging. In a world where you can be pretty much who you want to be. To reveal only what you want to reveal. It really made me think. About being authentic on my blog.

Interestingly the photos are pretty authentic. I don't have time for much else. It's tricky enough to take the time to take the shot. They're straight from the camera to the blog, albeit downsized. No filtering, no sharpening. Just as they were taken. Just as they were seen by my eye.

So, what about the words? I'm not a beautiful writer. Never have been. With my science background it's all about getting the facts out. Communicating so that people understand. In words/language that is understandable. My first 'real' job with winegrape growers taught me so much about communicating, so that people understand. What about on here? I hope to blog so that you understand where I'm coming from, where I live, what we do around here. Without much flowery stuff - pardon the pun alongside these gorgeous green flowers :-)

Authenticity. In blogging. In real life. I really hope to be authentic. I love that there are people who come here and see my blog who also know me in the real world. Who see me on a bad hair day! When I'm running late and yelling at the small people in my life. Who know more than the 'prettiest' photos can ever obliterate present. It's keeps me honest, authentic, real, even in this e-place.

In saying that, I also know that blogging is my opportunity to concentrate on the beautiful details. The prettiest bits in life. The bits that don't need dusting! Or the square metre of house that I have dusted!! Or the last remaining paddock with any green showing. And why not? I'm not pretending the rest of me (& my not-so-clean house/farm) doesn't exist, I'm just choosing to focus on the nice bits of reality...

Hope you're authenticity is also pretty, even if it's just one small side table's worth in one corner of your life.

Happy Weekend! Catch you next week.


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