Monday, June 1, 2015

Sheep in the evening.

Here's a thing I've noticed about farming: there's always so much to do in the evening! Right before dark. No matter what you do earlier in the day or how prepared you are. There's stuff that can only happen in the evening...

And so it was today. There were sheep that needed to be moved off green feed up onto the hill. They'd been in the green feed eating away merrily for the afternoon and we were happy that they were happy! But they didn't need to be eating too much of that green stuff just a week out from shearing. Too much green stuff causes messy issues that even hardened farmers don't like dealing with.

Some of the small people, two dogs and I headed over to bring the sheep out and up. Through one gate, up a hill, around beside a dam, up the rest of the hill and then through another gate...

There's always a pause as they hit the gate, and then they're racing through! Especially this mob with it's high percentage of young 'uns. Typical of young 'uns they race at life and push their way though. Phew, the last one is through.

Now, quick, shut the gate and look to the front of the mob... What's happening? Where are they headed? Most importantly, where are the dogs?! We're done but that doesn't mean the dogs realise. So I call and call, making sure they come back to me on their own and don't bring the whole mob back to me! We don't want to undo all of our good work!

Then it was back to the house. Feed the dogs, feed the small people and turn the computer on for some blog lovin' office work! Enjoy your evening... Stay warm. It's freezing here and we're headed for a frost. Welcome to winter! The shot below shows the condensation on my phone's camera lens and is not some fancy filter ;-)


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