Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A shed with no sheep (yet!)

On Monday we had a shearing shed with no sheep...

It had been swept out dutifully by oneself. The sun was beaming in on the old timber. There was a warm, peacefulness pervading.

I quietly snapped away a few pics on my phone.

Taking shots of all sorts of things. Like the wool command centre with custom drilled holes perfectly suited the pens and wool bale markers - just what every shearing shed needs hey?!

And then there's the bale scales. We hang a bale of wool off the bottom of it to check the weight. The bale has to be below a certain weight, but too much under it and we're 'wasting' precious bale space! So we hold our breath while the bale swings and the scales take their reading... Please let us be within the blasted range! We all breath a sigh of relief when it's right.

And then, just a shot of an old corner with the resident spider webs, the necessary wheat bag and the sunlight. Ah. So rustic. And calm... Then on Monday evening the sheep came in. And the peace ended. And so we started shearing on Tuesday. We're still going. And the shed is no longer swept, or calm. It's all hustle, noise and bustle. Even when the shearing motors stop the sheep still stomp!

I'll be back. Hopefully before the shearing stops. Chase some peace for me if you can!


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