Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Evening Outlines

We're having gorgeous evenings here at the moment...
The mornings are gorgeous too, but I'm nowhere near anything gorgeous in the mornings and so I don't appreciate them. Not until I've a cup or two of tea. And got the school lunches into the school bags. And got the small people (who aren't so small anymore) out the door, no that's not completely right, not until after I've seen the bus actually depart knowing that they are on it!

But back to the evenings...

There are always a million things to do in the evenings aren't there?! Even if dinner is miraculously cooking in the slow cooker. Even if the small people (I must come up with a better term!) are actually doing their homework. Even once they're in the bath. There's always something to do. Who'd have time to sneak outside and take a photo of the sun outlining the grasses? Funny that I happened upon the tallest small person, also sneakily outside, even though she'd bathed, lingering in the sunshine on the verandah.

Funny also that even though there were still a million things to do when I snuck back inside, I felt a bit better... Evenings bathed in sunlight seem to do that for me. Thankfully. Luckily.
Kinda like cleaning up your desk. Once done, though there's still stacks of work to be done/bills to be paid, you feel better. Less daunted. Especially when you find the piece of paper that Mr Immediate has requested! And when you find your recently purchased diary all clean and beautiful, ready for next year!! Ah, the glorious feeling of being (albeit, very) superficially organised. And calm.

Now before I blow the truth behind the million things to do, and the clean desk, I'm out of here. For a sneaky cuppa before bed. Such a scandalous life! Sneaking out of the house at sunset and sneaking cups of tea before bed! That's my gig :-) 

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