Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Unusual Angles

Right. So where do I start? What do I say? It's been soooo long since I've been anywhere near this blog...

In fact, there's been a 3 week hiatus from even switching the laptop on. I know! In this day and age!! I can hardly believe it myself. I would have fiercely fought that being forced upon me, but it was completed by choice really. There's no dramatic reason. Just life. School holidays, lambing and the like. But let's get to today. Outside it's cold and grey, we've just had wonderful rain but today is nothing to revel in. I've been out and have definitely done the day :-) Funnily enough I have an enormous amount of office/computer work to catch up on and so today's the day. Cos the weather's grey, inside I'll stay!

And so I present you some unusual angles from inside the house... Slightly awkward some of them... And not dusted or polished!

These blue walls are still deep and delicious... When I see them in shots like this it makes my painting fingers itch!

Now, I wonder if you've seen the lounge with it's grey blue walls... They were meant to be grey. Generally they look blue. Ah well. Must remember to go for a dirtier grey next time...

The watercolour robin cushion spurred a mass cushion purchase... However, I will refute any allegations of excess by stating that all cushions were purchased from two very low-key chain stores in town and the budget was kept pretty tight. I've noticed there are a number of girls out there who have similar cushion issues; we all know it's an easy way to 'freshen' up a room but man, where does one keep the previous set of cushions? And the set before that?? Hmmm.

The curtains, however, are grey. A lovely linen grey. Again, another low-key though of a slightly higher profile homey chain purchase... And that finishes my unusual angles series. And now I'm not ready to leave this little blog-space! It's quite nice having a space that's all my own. Gives some sort of outlet for creativity and doesn't involve dirt, mud or anything else. There's a very interesting post over here about working outside the home versus not. I empathise. Completely. And with that, I really must go. Be seeing you soon (I hope!)...

PS. Just had to post this shot. Yes I know it's crazy. And technically wrong. But there's something that makes me smile and look again. Have fun and remember sometimes there's nothing wrong with being technically 'wrong'.

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  1. Lovely to see you made time to enjoy your 'different angles'. I noted the teapot and look forward to another cuppa.


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