Tuesday, August 12, 2014

My Favourite Cow

Can you guess which one is my favourite cow???

Remembering I have bred a small person who told me recently that she did something 'just to be different'! Ah yes. I'd choose to be different too my dear small person :-) So, my favourite cow? Of course, the brown one. Or the mocha one (as the gorgeous girl calls her). Or the caramel one (as the littlest one calls her)...

She's the only non-black cow on the farm. Because of this I feel that we know her better. I can at least pick her out from the crowd a little more easily! Generally I can only differentiate the cows by their calves; do they have a calf? How big is their calf? Does it look like it has the newest calf, or is it the cow that calved a week ago? You get the drift? It's like those dinner table conversations where the small people are telling you about some-one at school... And you (not being able to differentiate between the 400-odd students in the fancy-dress parade ask "What does their mum/dad look like?"! We have those sort of conversations about cows! But their mums all look the same!!!

Not my favourite cow though! She's the one you remember :-)

And she doesn't let being different get to her. In fact, she'll stretch that neck right out and give a great big bellow whenever she feels the need..... You go girl!

There should be more like it! Cows People who are happy to be different, happy to stick their necks right out and happy to give a great big bellow whenever they feel the need to!!!

You will note that this delicious looking cow has a small black nose just poking out from under said neck in the shots above. She's shielding her calf from these strange humans. Good for her. I'd like to shield my small people for as long as I can...

Hope you're warm and well. And enjoy being different in whatever way you can!

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