Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Sheep (& us) in the sunshine

 Today we have sunshine. On the hill we have sheep in the sunshine. I'm very grateful!

Everything seems just a little easier in the sunshine. The clothes actually dry on the clothesline. The sun's warmth penetrates through the layers of wool I'm wearing. The dogs bask, sound asleep, in the sunshine. The doors can be left ajar and the house doesn't feel like an ice box. I've even let the big fire go out (gasp!) so that I can give it a proper clean out and remove all of the ash that I've been spilling each time a big stick of wood gets put in the fire box. 

These photos are from our day of putting the new/old fence post in. We took morning tea over and sat on the hill watching the sheep and looking out across the valley. The small people even spotted a fox! Not exactly something you want to spot when you're enjoying a sunny morning tea... But Mr Fox certainly reminded us that there are lambs coming in a few months and we'll have to get him and any friends sorted before then.

So back to today. And the sunshine we have today. We all need sunshine in our lives don't we? The littlest one told me this morning that she doesn't like the sun, it gets in her eyes, but I don't believe her :-) That's the three year old in her for you. Intellectually frustrated! We need sunshine from that great big ball of yellow but we also need sunshine in our hearts. I've been thinking a lot about this lately, there's been a lot of darkness in the world lately, how do you keep/make the sun shine in your heart? I know there's deep stuff that keeps our souls fed but there's also the day to day need for simple warmth of heart.

How do you keep your heart in the sunshine? A friend and I decided yesterday that we need to regularly do some art/craft sessions; this should bring sunshine methinks. What else? Pinterest is a little ray of sunshine or 'niceness' for me too, five minutes looking at luscious things! Cooking; not much beats the smell of fresh cooking in the house. A quiet cuddle with a child? There are lots of things that bring sunshine, that help with the shadows cast by the darkness about us. I think I'll make a list and try to spend a short time every day in this 'sunshine'...
It just might make a lot of things easier...

Hope you're in the sunshine!
PS - I could not resist popping this shot of the 'medieval' knight who was also in the sunshine on the hillside! Oh to have some of this imagination! I wonder what he was slaying with his sword?! Maybe it's best I don't know... :-)


  1. Love your thoughts on sunshine!

  2. Love your pics and thoughts on sunshine Emm, wish I was there to enjoy a cuppa on the hillside :)


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