Friday, July 18, 2014

All A-Feather

Today is definitely a day to stay inside... Brrr...

So I thought I'd show you some feather shots. From a while ago. It's a while since I've been here. I blame school holidays :-)

We had a great winter holiday. We (mostly) stayed home. We did sheep work. Everyday. We did house stuff (most days). The small people did music practise and writing practise. Nearly every day. All very normal and yet...

It was a great holiday. We settled into a comfortable routine. After slight sleep-ins we slowly got started (inside). Once we were awake and warm we rugged up and went outside. We moved sheep onto green crop, then we moved them off again. We carted wood. We generally missed morning tea but had yummy toasties for lunch. And lots of cuppas!

It was definitely the winter holidays. But it wasn't perishingly cold. Not like today. A cold day because of the weather and a cold day because of awful human actions. How can people not value human life? Even when they are a different system. Chilling. Just too cold to dwell on.

I am grateful that it's Friday today. I am grateful that my family is safe. We are grateful to live on the land in this beautiful country. And yes, I'm grateful it's winter. I'll just go put another (woollen) jumper on!

Enjoy your weekend.

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