Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Wild Weather

We've had some wild weather here recently. In fact the snow fields in Australia have received up to a metre of snow over the last couple of days...

These shots are from the weekend we finished shearing. It was so good to be outside, not looking at sheep, even though we were rugged up in warm coats and dodging showers of rain all day. The rain was very welcome. It still is. We had rain here yesterday and a shower this morning. I'm just glad it fell as rain here and not as snow!

Yes, it's winter. Yes, we knew it was coming. Yes, we'll cope :-) Yesterday I had four layers of wool on and a coat... I could hardly move but I was warm!

Even in the chilly wind, amongst the showers, there he was... A little hawke. Soaring above the hills. Hovering up high and then swooping straight down to try for a meal. It was glorious to watch him. Watching through the camera lens, with gloves and a beanie on. Knowing that inside was a roaring fire and a hot kettle!

The kettle's hot today too. It's so warming. I've taken to drinking hot water with a teaspoon of honey and a dash of lemon juice in it. Worked wonders for sore throats. Warms from the inside. And no caffeine ;-) Hope you're warm wherever you are, warm in heart and in body!

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