Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Hill Views

These are views from up on the hill behind our farm house.

We were up there getting wood for the fire and wood stove. A mundane job that we repeat frequently throughout the winter and slightly less often in the summer. The small people raced about filling tubs with small chips of wood which we use to light the fire. Sound noble of them? I'll confess, we offer financial incentives (ie bookclub purchases) for well-filled tubs :-)

This tree is another of my favourites on the farm. Yes, it's dead. Has been for longer than I've been coming to the farm. But you can see it from the kitchen window and the evening sun changes it's colour endlessly as it's setting. As the sun is setting, not the tree! The brain's a little fuddled today...

Last night I was lucky enough to attend a literary dinner! How impressive does that sound? ;-) It was a lovely dinner with lovely ladies and local fare. We were celebrating Sophie and her book. I thought it was impressive to have a week night out, dressed up, eating good food! Almost grown-up hey?!

Anyways. Back to the views from the hill. The sunset was rather nice. Took a brief moment from loading wood into the trailer to snap these shots. When I turned arround Mr Larrikan had the chainsaw up against the trunk of the dead tree! He was only joking but certainly got the shreiking response he was looking for.

So today I've popped some sheep into the yard for us to look at later. I'm going to do some more cooking for shearing next week. But first I'm going to make another cuppa (I'm not counting them today!) and read of a few blogs...

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  1. Looking forward to sharing a few sunsets & sunrises, between sweeps & tosses at shearing next week. Pa


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