Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Today I bring you some kale. Sitting pretty on the sideboard. Whilst it is freezing outside!

The kale was a very sweet present when I was feeling yuck last week with the flu. Funnily enough, I've been eyeing off the kale in the flower section of the supermarket for the last few weeks, thinking it would be great to get some but somehow not quite feeling guilt-free brave enough, or something! And then it was brought to me! Very appreciated.

There's nothing like flowers when you're feeling glum. And these certainly sparked the interest.

The walls in these shots are freshly painted and at the time of photography the walls on the opposite side of the room weren't painted... That's what happens when the flu hits in the middle of a room paint-job! Nothing happened for a day or two. Except admiration of the kale... It was in perfect viewing position from the couch where I was residing :-)

These walls are the colour 'pail grey'. In some lights they are the perfect grey. Yet in others they are quite blue toned. Hmmm. Not what I was aiming for. At this point they will be staying their pail colour, I can't quite muster the guts to repaint them! Maybe next winter in time for the next round of flu!!!

Luckily, I've recovered enough to paint the other half of the room the same colour and recovered enough to feed the family! Poor small people. They must have felt it, they even told the neighbour at the bus stop. She promptly cooked me a cake... Now, that's another great gift when you're feeling glum hey?! Some like soup but give me cake anyday!

Hope you're able to stay warm and toasty today. I've got three layers of wool on and will add more before heading outside! We definitely know winter is here now...

PS. The kale is now in the chook pen, after a few days it assumed a certain pungency known only to it's cabbage brassica family and we had to relegate it to the chooks ;-) So my tip is enjoy it quickly!


  1. Emma I love the colour of the walls, very up-to-the-minute! Just add your favourite colours in small dose's. Hope your feeling better soon....love and hugs

    1. Hi Merrilyn! Do you like it? Oh good :-) It's growing on me now that all four walls are the same colour! Feeling much better than this time last week. You stay warm. x


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