Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Rain, glorious rain!

Hi, hi! We've had more rain...

In fact, we've had nearly an inch! Others had a bit more. We're all as happy as pigs in mud around here :-) It's even so wet that we can't do any (sheep) yard work - what a shame!

I did get an amble about yesterday. Accompanied by the littlest one and a wet, smelly dog. You've got to take the good with the smells bad hey?!

Everything looked so pretty and clean yesterday. After the rain. Lovely! It was an enjoyable amble. Even the sheep seemed happy.

And, on that note, I must run. We're approaching shearing here. I'm cooking up a storm. Trying to cook everything in large batches, or double batches. Two meals at once etc etc. Last week I tried to empty the freezer, this week I'm filling it with cooking! Next week we'll eat it all...

Hope you've had rain, or the happy equivalent!

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