Monday, June 23, 2014

Sweet Routine

Hi! I'm enjoying a return to routine. For one week anyway.


A fortnight ago we were shearing and the routine for that is almost unmentionable! Last week I succumbed to a flu/cold thing and there was no routine. In fact, there was pretty much nothing happening. This week is the last week of the school term, so next week is the winter holidays when I'll spend the morning trying to get the small people to get out of their pyjamas, the afternoon try to get them to go outside and the evening trying to get them to come inside! So I have one week to enjoy a quiet routine.

Routine is something I quite love. I love the orderliness of routine. The knowing what is happening and when. Yep, a bit of a control freak. But I've also learnt to try and appreciate variations to routine. In fact, I think I quite enjoy throwing my own routine into disarray... As long as I can realign things and keep the overall routine on track ;-)

 Routine first became important to me when the first small person arrived. The gorgeous girl. She was a dream boat of a baby and thrived on routine. She still does. She dislikes change and sudden rearranging of anything. At the grand old age of 9... Hmmm, might need to get her to loosen up, might be a very good thing it's holidays next week! With no set routine. No 8am bus pick up. No uniform to wear/organise. Nice. We might make an early trip to the library and then enjoy books by the fireside between snacks/meals- sounds like a good routine to me!

Have a lovely Monday. Talk soon.

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