Thursday, August 9, 2012

The last cakes...


This post is taking discipline to write. You see, I am sick of cake! And this post as about the last cakes I iced as a part of the great cake week...

First we had echidnas, then the sun and now spiders! Thank goodness I got out of the kitchen today and went for a walk in the crisp air and sunshine. I think there was a slight warmth in the air... could it be spring? Shhh. Don't want to scare it away! But back to these spiders. They are the boy's request. To take to his class. Twenty spiders step right up!

Remember I made the 2-4-6-8 cake yesterday? It's a Recipe for Life and when I have a moment to spare (once Mr Studious had finished writing and the birthday's are over) I will make another page so you can click just one spot for all of these recipes... So, we have these little cakes that I prepared earlier :-)


Then you take some home-made chocolate icing. You know how I cheated on the echidna's icing? Well the poor teacher, who absolutely deserves a piece of cake, doesn't like that purchased frosting. Ooops. Felt guilty for a short second, then I remembered my weekend away. Stopped the guilt, but did make real icing for the spiders! Only to have the boy give the teacher's cake to his mate in the next classroom - grrr. Added to the icing I had large chocolate buttons from Cadbury. I almost wish I hadn't found these, they are VERY good, they are too good! Plus some normal choc bits.

Spread the icing on, reasonably thickly. Enough to hold the chocolate buttons and bits. Then put the choc button on upside down for the body, and the choc bit (upside again) above the button for the head. Here see, like this:

When the body bits are all on they cakes look quite cute all lined up. Kinda innocent or something :-)

But when you get your icing pens and add eight legs, two eyes and a red stripe, they don't look so innocent. Or kind~! I did the red stripe to mimic our aussie redback spiders (they aren't kind little fellows at all!), more info on them here. I think the boy chose redback spiders 'cos he likes that little streak of nastiness. He is a boy after all.

So there you go. The last cakes. Thankfully! And tomorrow we can spend some time in the country. At the corner of a farm. Because of course, it's Friday at the Farm. All will be quiet, peaceful and sunshiney. With no butter, flour or sugar! It was fun while it lasted but I'm very glad the great cake week only hits once a year! Hope you've got your sugar fix today, we sure have.