Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Airing the washing - photo challenge

Well, today I am airing my dirty washing for you! In aid of my photo challenge series...

You see, the sky was so blue, the towels were flapping, and my brain got whirring. Could I capture the scene on the camera? Hmmmm. What do you think? It's an everyday scene for a house like ours.

I've got one of those terribly old-fashioned clothes lines. The one with a pole at each end and 4 wires stretched between them. You tilt the poles, using the chains, to hang the washing. I thought it was horrid when we first moved in...


Then one day a friend dropped around and commented on how lucky I was to have a line like this! I beg your pardon? Yes, she said, you can tilt it to get the sun on each wire/line of washing. Even when the sun is low in the middle of winter. Ahah! It was a eureka moment! I've come to fully appreciate this oh-so-unique tilting... we have to maximise our sun exposure in the winter around here. This line is just great for winter drying.

And so, I've tried to capture this in my personal photo challenge. Of photographing VERY everyday things, see here, here and here. And making them just a little bit lovely, or slightly extra-ordinary. Or at the very least, not so everyday. Rhonda comments on this everyday beauty at her place on her blog here.

And I like these shots. They may be slightly overexposed but I'm not claiming to be a pro, plus I like the brightness that kinda highlights the sunny-ness of the moment. And the colours are great. 

Must say, this is a very presentable bit of washing! I'm happy to air it for you ;-) The 'unpresentable' washing was on the airer (clothes horse) inside. We usually only use the outside line for the big stuff and I plan my washing for days during the week which have suitable drying weather. Ah, the scheduling I have to do!!! Aren't I lucky? After spending some time with some working city mums on the weekend I do appreciate my life. Just a little bit more. And though I've got the scheduling happening I know there are many more important schedules occurring around the world!

Good luck with your schedules, and getting your washing dry AND taking fun photos :-) Now I've been shopping - thrifting/op-shopping/vintage hunting - and I'm off to take photos so I can share it with you... until then, go find yourself some warm sun.