Monday, March 11, 2013

Op-Shop Jag

Alright. So I don't own a lot of designer clothing. Never have, never will. I might admire some designer/labelled clothing but there's nothing about my lifestyle that supports the purchase of it, even down to my philosophies. However, right now I'm enjoying some casual Jag. Albeit of the op-shop form....

Upon a recent thrifting jaunt I found this plain grey drill-like skirt. And I'm loving it! It's plain enough to wear with a simple t and a pair of thongs/flip-flops. But interesting enough to pair with a pretty top and ballet flats. Just right for the simple, reasonably casual lifestyle of a school-mum. That would be me :-)

These shots are atop an also thrifted chanel (!) chenille bedspread. The gorgeous girl actually asked me if it was a towel I had lying on the bed! But I don't care what it looks like, it makes me smile, reminding me of years gone by when I just a young girl snaffling the 'best-looking' bedspread in the house... or so I thought at the time. It was probably a sign of tastes to come, being white. Funnily enough the other white cover was also purchased when I was but a scrap of a girl... interesting how some things don't change hey?! And with that I have a note to self; always buy (even when seemingly 'expensive' @ $5) white bowls in op-shops as one will regret the lack of purchase later! Funny how the little things like that nag at you ;-) It's the little things in life hey?!

You know, really though, I am just grateful to have a family and a home. Health and happiness (except maybe during the witching hour!) generally. Plus the chance to find skirts I love for $4! And the opportunity to take meaningless photos of things that make me happy!

Hope you're able to enjoy some of the little things in life too!

PS. Here's my dodgey dreamlike shot for the day :-)

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