Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wilted on a Wednesday

 Ever felt all wilted on a Wednesday? That's me :-) Just like these roses...

Well, perhaps not quite so pretty. Even though they're wilting. There's still beauty there.

Not sure that the same can be said for me. I'm just wilted ;-) And slightly overexposed! After our country fair here on the weekend I've got pretty much no energy left. A bit numb. And definitely wilted - can't be bothered this week after being in overdrive and all wired up last week.

Mind you, I shot these pics in full manual mode so I am pretty pleased with these shots.

And I quite like the weird shot below that happened as I was working out the light levels etc etc. More like I took a shot without checking any of the camera settings ;-) Kinda doesn't make sense, but there's something interesting about it... Well, I think there is!

So we've got past the grey skies, literally the skies are still grey but figuratively we're in blue sunshine! It didn't rain at our country fair, everyone had fun and we raised some good money for our school. 

But now dinner calls. And the laundry. Ugh! No time for wilting around here. Talk tomorrow.


  1. Emm I absolutely love that last shot! Best things can come by chance. Hope you are regaining energy. You did an awesome job. Tea on Friday? S x

    1. Yes cool hey, only prob is that I am not sure I can do it again! :-) A bit like my cooking really!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. it was nothing untoward... just me repeating myself by way of a google glitch


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