Thursday, February 21, 2013

Chicken, tomato and avocado

We have a funny little saying our family... "Chicken, tomato and avocado!"

It's the answer to the question of "What would you like to eat?" One night I happened to ask the gorgeous girl what she would like for tea and her response was: "Chicken, tomato and avocado!" Quite an ironic answer as none of the small people in this house actually like avocado, and they will generally only eat raw tomato when it is served in a salad. But the saying has stuck! And we all use it now. I hope it's one of those family sayings that get used over the years and cause the family members who use and hear the saying to smile!

We have one of those sayings in my own family that has been used for over a decade now. It's good fun. I'll have to get some photos that match it and tell you about it one day :-)

But for today we have tomatoes. Grown in a vegie garden of a local primary school. We were the lucky recipients of their excess. And they were yum! I ate most of them for lunch with some salt and cracked pepper in just the one sitting ;-) Well, I felt justified after giving the gorgeous girl some in her lunchbox and as most of the other household members don't like them raw so much.

Do you have family sayings? I've become part of another family by marrying Mr Blessed ;-) His family have some cracking sayings! Sayings that set us all off into laughter as we manage to insert them into another context/situation but with the connotations that only those-in-the-know understand! All good fun!

Hope you have something that made you smile today! We all need a smile or two in our day. 

Talk soon.....
PS. please excuse any blunders today, it was post without edits or don't post. I chose the latter!


  1. Lovely photos and yummy tomatoes! From Charlotte and Kathy

    1. Why thank you!!! Yes, they were very yummy. The best ones are home grown ones!


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