Monday, February 4, 2013

Subtle Summer Sunset

Here's a subtle summer sunset. As seen from my viewpoint late last week.

It was a sunset of subtle sweet colours. Pretty silver pink linings on those clouds. Just a few clouds across the sky. Soft rays of the setting sun, glowing from behind the hills.

Inside the house the chaos had passed. The small people were in bed. Probably not quite asleep, but clean, fed and in bed! That's quite a few ticks off the list of things-to-be-done-before-bed.

These next shots are without the sun. I think I almost like them better. More moody. More me. At least today :-) This is actually the view from the clothesline (no hills in this direction). Which tells you what I was doing after the small people were safely in bed. Clothes going on or off the line. Washing. How do five bodies create so much washing?! The washing is not at all subtle in this household!

The evening sky had just a hint of greenery in the greyness, make that blueness. Or even evening-ness!

The washing probably had hints of green too! Grass stains on the knees from doing those oh-so-impressive slides that you simply must do when you are practising kicking your soccer goals. Or bits of grass sticking out of all the clothes from people mowing the lawn.

 Alright. I really must go. We're having spag bol using the kangaroo mince I found in the depths of the freezer (I'm trying to empty it out, Mr Industrious is trying to fill it with stewed peaches and ham stock!), then I'm off to one of those great school meetings that we all put our hands up for... more on that later.

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