Saturday, February 16, 2013

There's a Sax in the house

There's a Sax in the house. A Saxophone that is. It's been a revelation!

Have you ever heard one at close range? Played by a beginner?! It's rather astounding!!! No-one could have prepared me for it. It's not the tedium of the practise sessions, I was ready for that. It's the pure sound of the Sax. The air expelled through the instrument at force! A complete revelation!

The gorgeous girl has started lessons, hired the instrument and joined the beginner band. Needless to say I've got the dampener on order! We've only a few days to wait until it should be here :-)

It is rather nice to have some music entering our lives again though. Nice to have to sit beside her and count her in, then play the tricky bits on the piano so she knows how they are supposed to sound. And the improvement after each lesson is great! Great is amount and great in nature! We're nearly all enjoying it, the littlest one still covers her ears when the gorgeous girl is playing - lucky the dampener is nearly here!

Hope you have some harmony of some sort in your life! Happy weekend!

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