Tuesday, February 19, 2013

All wired up!

This post must be quick. VERY quick. We're all very wired up in this house right now....

Being so wired reminded me of the wire shots we took on our recent trip to Wagga Wagga. And yes, for the international people, this really is a town in Australia! Such a crazy type of name. Check out the link and see it for yourself! I actually grew up in this little spot, not that the locals will agree with the description of 'little' - it's one of the biggest inland cities in our country. It was a good spot to grow up in; enough stuff happening to not get too bored but still a reasonable country vibe. For instance it was routine to have your weekend party in some-one's shearing shed... all good :-)

Anyways, must be quick! I'm wired! These birds are a little wired too! I was very pleased to see that I'd caught one as it landed. :-) Next week I'll ask Mr Twitcher what type of birds these are for you..... When I'm not so wired...

Here they are smiling for the camera!

And the clouds, ah, the clouds!

We were, of course, travelling in that golden time of the afternoon (for photos) that just happens to coincide with the witching/arsenic hour for small people. So let's just say that outside the sunset was glorious but inside the car it wasn't so glorious! In fact, we were wired in a very different way!!!

Talk soon. Oh yes, I survived the assembly guest appearance mentioned here... I wore fluoro and it seemed to blind them to my embarrassment ;-)

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