Tuesday, February 5, 2013

We've been 'fluorinated'!

We've been 'fluorinated'! To find out more about it come on in...

It all started way back in December with the foyer and this string of wreaths. Somehow the fluoro trend that is out there right now snuck into our house.

At least the colour come in by way of the front door! 

And now? Well, I think I gave a hint to fluoro dreamcatchers in this post...

But here's the latest very small-person-friendly model of our fluoro dreamcatcher:

It doesn't stop there!

I've more fluoro to show you later in the week. Let's just say that we're well and truly 'fluorinated' in this house!

There is a reason for all this. We've a Country Fair coming up which is holding a series of crafty-type workshops for our school; these fluoro crafts are the super-fine samplers for this Fair.

Let's hope the locals like being 'fluorinated' too!

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