Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hats are our heroes

Here's a select group of shots from last weekend to show you how much hats are our heroes...

We wear them everywhere. The small people have a no-hat-no-play policy at school. It's our gorgeous Australian sun, beautiful but brutal to the unadorned. We especially wear hats at the farm. And last weekend was no exception.

The gorgeous girl is a notable absentee from this set of shots. The reason why is provided via the reddish-pink tinge on her cheeks... She couldn't keep her hat on whilst riding on the back of the motorbike - well, that was her justification.

Isn't it great how a farmer's hat provides this young gun with an air of maturity? Or at least some sort of air! Shame about the bare feet! It certainly didn't help to get the gate open, even with pointers from the farmer to 'step down on the very end of the gate'. Note too the rock on the gatepost. It's interesting location probably has a purpose, I think it's a rather cool way to 'decorate' a farm ;-)

Alright. I'm off to bed. Funny, but somehow the posts seem to be working best later in the day at the moment. Must admit that my routine is rather shot right now. There is stuff getting done, definitely! It's just not my usual sort of stuff! For instance, today I spent an hour (spread throughout the day 'cos my wobbly mature arms couldn't cope) using eucalyptus oil to remove sticky residue off old glass coffee jars... Why? I'll show you tomorrow...

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