Saturday, February 2, 2013

Photo Challenge: UV Jellyfish

Last weekend we were here. It was a part of the small people's christmas gift; they were given a set of 'experiences' to choose from (not gifts) and this was their #1 choice. The jellyfish were under UV light. It was 'cwool' as the littlest one says.

We were wandering through the aquarium, enjoying the sights, when suddenly the challenge was on outside the jellyfish tank...
Who could capture the best shot of these great creatures? Hmmm. Some people get quite competitive when they are behind a camera... not that I play along with that ;-) Especially when you're visiting the exhibit with six small people under 10 years of age (the pace is SWIFT!). No, there's no time for stiff competition...

Or is there? When I started snapping these creatures I got a little mesmerised... they are rather gorgeous. Their movements are smooth, though swift. Their shape and lines are delicate.

It was as though they were dancing for the camera. And my camera was struggling to keep up with them, or to capture them in focus with clear, sharp edges at least! But aren't they pretty?!

It was certainly good fun trying to get that perfect shot! And I managed to forget all about the competition, and those six small people in our care... as well as the thousands of other people in the joint alongside us.

As for the result of the camera challenge? Well, it really came down to who was the quickest and best at manipulating the old camera settings, not really a skills-in-photography thing huh?! Not that I'm into that ;-) Mr Competitive suggested that I should have set up the tripod beside the tank. Now that would be competitive - a tripod in the aquarium on the last Saturday of the summer holidays! Definitely hazardous. Plus, I'm not like that. Only perhaps, occasionally when I'm hiding behind a camera!

Choose your challenges wisely my friends!
And be glad when small people are kept entertained by nature's wonders (see below), you can often get just one more shot in ;-)

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