Friday, February 15, 2013

Between a rock and a washout

What do you do when are driving about a farm, minding your own business, and you happen upon this???

Note the track on the other side of the water continuing on up the hill. Well, the water crossing used to run straight down on this side of the waterway, cross the water and then continue up the hill.

But not on this day... Down came the rain and washed that crossing away!

Well the first thing to do is for all to clamber down from their method of farm transport (in this case motorbike and ute), and wade into the creek (if one is wearing gumboots) or step across using the dry stones conveniently above the water line. Then one (or all) must gaze up to where the water came from, plus down to where it's going. You will note that the blokes in the shot below are doing just that though not in a synchronised fashion :-) You will also note that everyone but the gorgeous girl is wearing a useful hat, she paid for this as I mentioned here.

Then, if one is a small person, you must actually get a bit wet. You must either get your hands into the water, or the case of the littlest one you could sit down in it! To her credit I think she only meant to squat down and choose a particular rock to take home, but when you're the littlest one that means you end up with your rear end below the water line!

The water wasn't that deep. I didn't think much of  the crossing being a washout. The water wouldn't stop the bike or the ute. There was plenty of creek bed to use as a crossing, or so I thought. What I hadn't considered were the rocks. Some of them are innocent but some of them are sinister! Quite sharp and nasty for ones tyres!

So the bike easily manoeuvred around the sinister rocks... but the ute? Well that raised a whole new issue. With the farmer at the wheel, and with some careful turning using the creek bed as the reversing bay, the ute managed to get between a rock and a washout. Just. There were not many centimetres to play with. Check it out one such encounter below between the ute, a rock and a washout.
There you have it. Friday at farm. Enjoy your weekend! We've got a busy one but I can see a week at the beach appearing on the horizon of our calender so I'm VERY happy :-)

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