Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Holidays & Fungi!

Hi! Enjoying your week???

We're on holidays here. Well, the small people are! It's the Easter break and it's gorgeous weather. We've had a day at home, a day in town (doing the op-shops and lunch, nice!), a day with good friends and some farm work thrown in. Sometimes the small people help with the farm work, sometimes they stay at the house and play.

Anyways. Back to this post. When we were planting these trees we found some interesting fungi growing down the paddock. Not the sort you'd want to eat! But fun to take some shots of... It's just so great to know that there's enough moisture in the ground and in the air for these to grow! Not so many weeks ago there was no green growth and no moisture. Such a change; we're so grateful.

So, though it's holidays and there is moisture about, there's plenty to do. The lambs are arriving much more quickly, every morning and evening there are these lovely, little creatures wobbling about on their knobbly, skinny legs :-) We're gearing up for visitors over the Easter weekend - yay! And I'm painting!! With white paint ;-)

Enjoy the end of your week...

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