Monday, May 12, 2014

Lambs in the Autumn

 Here are our autumn lambs...

They've all arrived now. There are just over a hundred of them. Maaa-ing their way around the paddock, wiggling their tales while they feed or curled up in a ball so deeply asleep they don't even hear us driving past. Most of them are quite adorable. Even the boy (the human one) comments on their cute faces. The girls are completely enamoured with these small, white, fluffy creatures.

So, we've been busy with them. And with other things. It could explain my absence from this little blog. But who am I kidding? Life's busy. Everyone's life is busy. Seemingly constantly. Nothing's changed, there's always something to keep you busy hey?! I just seem to have lost the ability to enjoy sitting down and smashing out a post. I don't know why. I've got plenty of photos to use. They're are banking up in my processing folder. I just don't sit down and do it. I apologise to those of you who check by for a post...

Maybe it's the cooler weather... When I get inside I just want to hug the fire and stove; the computer seems a long way from their warmth... Maybe it's just the closing down of the seasons; I am much more a summer girl than a winter girl... The small people mentioned last night that they haven't got a homework routine sorted since we've moved to the farm... Maybe that's my problem; no routine sorted. Though I thought I had my mornings a bit more organised a few weeks/months ago... Maybe I'm just plum lazy ;-)

Whatever it is, I'd like to think it's a passing phase. I like this tidy, pretty little place that I can escape to. It's fun seeing my photos displayed and not just sitting in an electronic file gathering e-dust!

Anyways, there are some lovely blogs out there, produced by talented girls that continue to inspire me. I love reading of normal, sensible yet gorgeously authentic people :-) Yay for everyday people doing lovely things with their lives... Who are willing to share. Sometimes sharing just 'stuff' about their days. I'll strive to keep doing a little bit more sharing, of just our everyday.

Have a great Monday!

PS - Thought you might like a peek of how I look hanging out the window of a vehicle camera in hand (wearing my Nan's handknitted, woollen cardi)! I just crack up thinking of what people driving by and the neighbours must think when/if they catch a glimpse of me ;-)

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  1. So glad you are back - I have missed you. And never say you might be lazy - you never are!


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