Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Confessions of a kettle

Good Morning! Today I bring you our kettle, and a little confession...

It's a lovely kettle isn't it? If I can say so myself ;-) You see, I chose and ordered this kettle online from a great Aussie country store. No surprises there. Most kitchen items are chosen by oneself these days. However, this kettle was my mother's day gift this year from the small people and the Mr. None of them had any idea what they were gifting me until we opened the parcel that arrived in the mailbox. Funnily enough, I was pretty pleased with their pressie!!!  

There was but one flaw; the lid gets pretty hot sitting above boiling water and that little handle on the lid was roasting! Rather tricky to lift it around the top handle when it's boiling hot and you want to put more water in the kettle for another cuppa!!! 

The solution; knit a tiny handle cover and stitch it around said handle. Ah, all is well again in the world :-)

This kettle sits on the wood stove all day and all night in this house. If you sit it just on the hotplate it stays warm and takes only a minute or so to boil when you put in right on the hotplate (as in the pictures). The stove is another post in itself. Needless to say, now the weather has cooled, the fire in the stove is regularly stoked up and we're grateful for the warmth it gives the kitchen. You'll often find various members of the family standing in the open door of the oven! 

Anyways, there's the story of our kettle and here's to a terrific Tuesday!

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