Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A little ray of sunshine

Hi! Here's a little ray of sunshine for you today...

This dramatic flower appeared in our back garden a couple of months ago. I found these pics today as I downloaded an SD card that I (obviously) haven't used lately! These pics gave me a smile, added some sunshine to my day, so I thought you might like them too.

Some days we need an extra little ray of sunshine don't we? Life is just so unpredictable, thankfully. It would be tough to know what was coming I think. I'm grateful for the little rays of sunshine that come our way and I'm glad that the future is something I can leave in the hands of God. 

We have real sunshine here today. It's glorious. However, we'd state that rainy weather was glorious too if it was raining today! Rain would be welcome today, tomorrow or even on the weekend ;-)

You'll be pleased to hear that the littlest one and I got some walking in this morning, in the sunshine, in a leisurely/fitness manner (not frantically chasing anything!). We even had a picnic in the paddock for morning tea, perched up on a rock and some logs. I just have no evidence of it as the camera battery was flat before we opened the first gate! Next time hey?! Until then, have a lovely day...

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