Tuesday, May 13, 2014

An egg 'n a feather

Today I am tackling our financials. I need to get my head around where we are at right now and where we might be in the future. So I'm hitting the spreadsheets. BUT not just yet. I'm going to spend a few moments showing you these two pretties I picked up the other morning...

These two pretties show the simple joy of my morning activities, the joy that I need to make myself feel properly. Rather than viewing said activities as just tasks.
So one of the things the littlest one and I undertake each morning is to 'do' the chooks. We feed them, check/clean/fill their water and collect the egg(s). We only have two chooks and they are old girls. They are approximately 8 years old. So the eggs are getting rarer, especially now we've got these short wintry days. But when they come those eggs are lovely little pretties. Often with a pimple to boot :-) There's something lovely about holding a freshly laid egg in your hand!

The feather we found whilst walking down the track. We walk the dogs most mornings. There are now 7 dogs. It's rowdy and they are full-on. I don't find this walk at all relaxing. But we did find a feather. A small joy :-) And it had a gorgeous blue sheen along one side, which I couldn't seem to capture with my camera... It's just a little feather, maybe off a blue wren, we were lucky to spot it.

And so the egg went into the fridge. Ready for Mr Gourmet to enjoy on his toast one morning, on a morning when he actually has time to wait for the water to boil and the egg to cook! He eats it with toast and vegemite, it smells splendid!

The feather we put on the bench. And suddenly my brain started whirling. What sort of shot could I get with a feather on the stone composite benchtop? And I happily clicked away... Only scroll down if you are happy to indulge my whirling-snap-happy brain!

Things got more and more abstract... But it was fun and it was relaxing. And just for a few moments I didn't think about anything else. Not the financials, nor the small people, nor the lambs or even those rowdy dogs! And that is quite priceless hey?!

 What do you do to stop your mind from roving over innumerable issues? I'm loving Kate's blog about crochet as meditation. I'm trying with some knitting (after some chilly waits at the bus stop the small people have put in some orders) but I find my brain still whirls... Camera work seems to be where I most lose it :-)

Take some to switch your mind off today hey?

Ok, enough procrastination. I'm off to hit those financials. Enjoy your day!

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