Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A creek out the back.


 Hi there! I've got to pump this post out today... We're on the run. We have been all morning...

First there was the dreaded alarm that went off when no-one wanted to know about it! Then there were two calves for Mr Nurturer to feed, well to sort their mothers out so that the mothers would feed them, apparently he was partially successful. Then there was the school rush. In a flurry they left and peace reigned for about 30 seconds! The littlest one then spotted one of those not-so-maternal cows in the front paddock and there was the run to shut the house yard gate. We beat the cow by about a minute! At this point I sat down for a second cuppa, thought I deserved it! Nicely calmed down I started my morning routine; kitchen tidy up, clothes on the line, feed the chooks, walk the dogs. All routine until our new sheep dog saw sheep in the same paddock as her. She just can't resist and if you don't heel her quickly she's off! And so we were running again, after her, across three paddocks and for 3/4 of an hour!!! Needless to say I'm a little behind on my day :-)

 So, about these shots... It's a creek out the back of the farm. We don't get out here too frequently, and we certainly don't get to play out here very often. Of course, the minute we do stop by the creek the small people quickly took advantage of their gumboots! Here's the gorgeous girl with her full-on farmer girl look happening! Even down to the twin plaits... Watch that slippery rock my girl!!!


And with that I really must be off. To the next thing. I'm going to try and not run too much more today, though it's probably not a bad thing in terms of my fitness level. Apparently even steady morning routines don't guarantee a decent fitness level! Grrr. Must do more about this, I know I'd feel better if I was fitter. Can probably think of nicer ways to get fit then racing across hilly paddocks though ;-)

Talk soon. Happy Tuesday!

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  1. I look forward to visiting this creek, maybe in the Jimny & on new bike.


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