Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A picnic by a dam with some lambs

One day a mum and her littlest person took a picnic morning tea and set off...

They found a glorious spot for their picnic. In the middle of a paddock. There was a dam complete with lambs sunning themselves on the dam banks. The littlest one found a rock that was just a perfect size to sit on and surprisingly it was even reasonably level on top.

The mum was very happy taking snaps of the surrounding scenery...

The sun shone down and the breeze blew softly. The mother sheep baa'd at their lambs to warn them of these strange creatures in their paddock. But once the littlest one and the mum were still on their rock, just quietly nibbling and sipping their cuppas, the mother sheep relaxed and returned to snoozing in the sunshine.

There was, of course, another reason for this little sojourn. In farming there is nearly always a reason for pleasurable times spent in the paddock. But for today we'll just stick to the enjoyment that this morning tea picnic gave the littlest one and her mum :-) It was a lovely time.


We're very grateful for our rain last night. We're now able to uncross our fingers! There is more rain forecast for the weekend so as the week progresses the fingers will get another workout. In the meantime it's another glorious day, though the puddles are now full and the gumboots are being used by all members of the family. It's been a busy day at home today. Nice. Hope you are enjoying your day...

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