Monday, May 26, 2014

Fingers crossed.

Out here on the farm we've got our fingers crossed.

The forecast is for rain tomorrow. We are very keen for some rain. Any rain is welcome, good rain would be thrilling! We are lucky, it's still green around here. But the dams are low, the puddles that linger for weeks after rain are dry and the ground is hard.

We've had lovely warm days and only a couple of light frosts, so the grass is still growing. Just. With a little rain that growth would be much better. And the dams might fill up a little. Before the winter really sets in. It would be lovely to have some rain tomorrow - fingers crossed!

These pics are from back in March when the rain was regular and we were given a fantastic start to Autumn.

Have you got your fingers crossed for something? For just the right sort of weather? Or for your family? Or for just a few quiet moments in your day to materialise?! 

The other benefit of some wet weather is that it generally too uncomfortable to be outside doing anything very strenuous or energy-sapping. And so you stop inside. Ah, honestly, it would be good to have to stop. Even just for a day. Even if we had to don our raincoats to do those jobs that must be done rain, hail or shine. We now have plenty of wood and we could come in and dry off by the toasty fire. Lovely!

Well, I hope you had a lovely weekend. That you're rested and that this week looks wonderful. If it doesn't, or you aren't, or you didn't, I recommend that you join us in crossing your fingers ;-)

Happy Monday and we'll talk soon...

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