Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Rams are in.

We've put the rams in with the ewes. To be precise, the boys moved the rams from the front paddock where they normally live up a few hills to the paddock where the ewes were residing...

Then a week later we moved them all into a hillier paddock that had a bit more feed. So we got to see the rams mingling with their women. Given that we had three small people accompanying us we didn't hang about for any extra observations! If you look closely at Mr Ram below you'll notice he's licking his lips! Nope, we didn't hang about ;-)

It was a rather grey old afternoon, which made for some interesting tones of green, grey and blue. This mob currently includes lambs from last autumn (1 year olds) and from last spring (however many months that is!). So it's quite a mix...

Some of this mob had already been moved into the hillier paddock but a few had been left behind and so we were bringing these malingerers in by pretending we had grain to feed them... They were fairly keen to come up to gate, not quite so keen to come through it though. It created a kinda whirlpool around the ute at the gateway - made this girl's brain whirl as I tried to identify ewes, rams and hogget lambs :-)

But what a view they have hey?! Quite the view and I hope those rams use it to their best advantage ;-) We'd like lots more lambs in springtime thank you Mr Rams... Given the attitude of some of those old ewes (see pic at the bottom of the post) these fellas will have to use all of the charm they've got! Thankfully there's plenty of feed about for them.

Well, it's a glorious day here today. We saw some of this mob from a distance this morning when we went to check this year's autumn batch of lambs. The littlest one and I took a picnic morning tea to better enjoy the task :-) We sat in the sunshine and munched away, quite enjoyable! Go find yourself some sun today hey?! And now we're on the downhill run to the weekend, love that feeling - yay!
Enjoy the end of your week...

This ewe is stomping her legs at the dogs and the motorbike - quite the attitude! Try telling her what to do! Good luck with that one Mr Rams.

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