Thursday, May 22, 2014

Green and Glowing

 Yesterday, whilst sorting through photos, I found these shots of green hills glowing in the evening sun...

These photos were taken maybe a month ago, we'd been out the back of the farm (can't remember what doing!) and we were headed home. Given the angle of the sun I'd say it was getting quite late in the day, I was probably trying to come up with something to cook for dinner! I was riding on the back of the ute with my camera slung over my back. When we headed down the track above the camera quickly got pulled to the front, the lens cap removed and raised to the eye!

 The farm really opens out from up here. You look south west across to the front of the farm, across the flatter portion of the farm, down to the house, the road and (it seems) to the rest of the world.

The shadows were lengthening down in the low spots. We were only just getting back in the sunlight. Thankfully! It's chilly round here now once the sun goes down.

These trees are some of my favourite on the farm. They stand sentinel beside a fence, looking out across this view. They face the cold southerly wind, and the blasting westerly sun. And they stand tall. With such elegant lines hey?!

 I wasn't the only one riding on the back of the ute. Some small people were enjoying the view too. Though they weren't shielded from the sun by a camera, and the shot below of the boy facing up to the sunlight is quite a classic :-)

The grass a month ago was still bright green. It was in full growth mode! We're seeing it brown off a little now with a few light frosts. Though with daytime temperatures of twenty degrees Celsius, or close to, there's still growth happening on these hills. We've had an Autumn that you only see every decade, according to the Farmer.  

So it was a lovely welcome home! A timely sunset just for us :-) We probably headed inside for a pancake dinner - that seems to be our Sunday night fare around here now. It's fairly quick, takes few ingredients and everyone loves them! A good excuse to eat sweet stuff for dinner!

 Hope you get a lovely welcome home today! I scored a bonus 'welcome home' this morning; we've already been to town and back as the gorgeous girl had a school band excursion accompanied by her saxophone... Gotta luv an extra trip to town, especially when it's three degrees Celsius outside!

Huh! Here's my post from the same date last year... Seems the same things still appeal!

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