Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Morning mist & a list

Good-day to you!

These shots of the morning mist lifting off the hills are some of my favourite at the moment. I love that even though the sun is shining you can see that it's cold! The day had great potential to be glorious but at that moment it was very chilly indeed.

But today I thought I'd try something different, I'm borrowing this list that I've seen about one some lovely blogs, hope you enjoy it :-)

Making: a knitted neck warmer for a small person (in school colours, of course!)
Cooking: up my next paint project :-)
Drinking: a cup of tea, no surprises there
Reading: one of the four books picked up yesterday at the opshop
Wanting: oh, what to list! A day's worth of Mr Mayhem's time...
Looking: at the littlest one 'batting' at the dust particles floating in the sunshine
Playing: nothing, I appreciate silence too much at this point in life ;-)
Wasting: electricity - when I boil the electric kettle in the morning instead of waiting for the wood stove to bring my lovely new enamel kettle to the boil.
Sewing: ha, mending is top of the list, I don't do much other sewing at all.
Wishing: that administration stuff took less time
Enjoying: the warmth of the sunshine on this glorious day
Waiting: for May to be over! Oh I know you shouldn't wish time away...!
Liking: the fact that the wood box is full
Wondering: when I'll ever feel even a bit competent as a 'farmer'
Loving: my family

Hoping: that I can be motivated enough to put some chicken stock/soup on later
Marvelling: at the landscapes. I'm still a bit awestruck by this place.
Needing: not much. We have warmth, love, food, clean water...
Smelling: nothing particularly, which is a very good thing in a house of 3 small people & 7 dogs!
Wearing: my farm uniform of a checked shirt, jeans and thick socks.
Following: all my favourite bloggers (see list below)
Noticing: that the littlest one has 'painted' all her nails with textas
Knowing: I must go and check the ewes and lambs this afternoon
Thinking: about checking sheep and then planting out some pretty pansy seedlings
Feeling: a bit overwhelmed
Bookmarking: sheep websites!
Opening: the mail. Funny how much more exciting it is when you live out of town. Why is that?!
Giggling: about the gorgeous wool jacket I scored yesterday whilst opshopping
Feeling: smug that I've finished the morning activities and cleaned out the gorgeous girl's corner whilst she's away on camp

So there you go... a list. I find it interesting how introspective you become when completing the list. I tried quite hard to keep it light and fluffy ;-)

But now I must run along... The fog lifted about 11:30 this morning and so I spent more time inside than normal. The outside morning activities were subsequently consolidated! There are now some afternoon activities to undertake... I'm just trying to prioritise. I've realised that organising farm work is a bit like housework. There are some things that have to be done no matter what. You can generally prioritise the rest. BUT there is ALWAYS something else to do, or a dozen more things to do. And that's before you get to general maitenance ;-)

Ah, the joys! Have a go at that list yourself. Do a light and fluffy version and a serious version. Interesting... Talk soon.

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