Friday, April 11, 2014

Planting trees for our future

A Saturday or two ago we planted some trees in our front paddock. It was quite the family affair!

We had a boy on a bike (and an adoring little sister!) who didn't assist with the planting as he was too busy riding through the water lying behind the contour bank. This bank is a common aussie farming practise; it's a small ridge of dirt that's been pushed up forming a small bank/ridge, this stops the water and top soil rushing down the slope in a big rain storm. Of course, when you're an adrenaline seeking seven year old, a contour is a perfect bank to ride over especially when there's the risk of stacking it in the water on the topside!

We also had the dogs, both the family dog and the farm dogs. They all get a 'walk' together every morning with me (unless it's pouring rain!) and being a Saturday they had to share their 'walk' with a family activity. Doesn't look like they were too disappointed hey?

First we stood at the house and checked out where the road and neighbour's house were aligned in the paddock. Then Mr Regeneration and the littlest one went down into the paddock and placed our tree guards in the line of sight between our house and the road/neighbours.

Now, I must state here that we completely appreciate our neighbours, they are very important in country life. It is very good to have neighbours you can trust. BUT we all live in the country because of the space, the solace, the quiet. And being exposed to the (busy) road noise and neighbours seems kinda ironic. So we planted trees between us.

A wise professor once told me that when you didn't want people to park in a certain spot you planted a tree there. No-one argues with a tree :-) So we planted trees. You can think of this metaphorically too... but I can't cope with that at this tail end of the week and the school term...

These little trees are Red Gums. Eucalyptus camaldulensis (I think!). Many of the other large trees in these pics are grown-up versions. These little fellows have a lot to aspire to! And in such soil. We gave each little one a 'blessing' as Mr Regeneration planted them into their chosen spot. The soil is full of clay, apparently. And so I have a little idea for the coming school holidays ;-)

After planting we popped these tree guards around the new babies. This is a working paddock. And right now there are more babies in there; lambs! I got some photos this morning in the rain. Will upload them for you for next week. But first, an 'arty' shot of the top of the tree guard. Ah, doesn't take much to amuse me.

It's great to have these trees planted, we feel like we've planted some of our future and that of our children, and their children! And with that I'd best be off. There are big things on at school today and then we're on holidays. Wohoo! Am keen to not have a timeline for a couple of weeks, well not a clock-led timeline. We'll go by the light/cold.

Have a good weekend and I'll catch you next week with those lambs.

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