Monday, March 31, 2014

A Seedy Weekend!

 We had a 'seedy' weekend out here...

We went 'seeding'! This involves the whole family. We took chicken and corn soup. We rode in the ute and on the motorbike. We headed up and away from the house. Up into the hills. The dog came too. For a picnic lunch and then an afternoon of walking and throwing. 

First you fill your bucket from the seed bin on the back of the ute. Then you carry the bucket with your left hand (if you're right handed!) and scoop seed out with your right. You soon perfect a throwing 'technique' to spread the seed evening and as far as you can... The better your throw the less hiking up and down the hill you have to do ;-)

I choose a 'line' to follow... a fence line or a tree down the hill. I walk down the hill throwing seed and then hike back up when my bucket is empty. Then I stop at the ute. And try to catch my breath. Phew, those hills! Then you refill and go again...

Until the whole hillside looks like this:

We've reseeded a hillside where we burnt these blackberries late last spring and we reseeded a sheep camp were they've cleared the top of a hill during the very dry summer. And now the weekend is over. The workforce have gone back to school and work! All of us have slightly sore legs and arms. But just after we ran out of seed a storm swept across; those note in the ute got soaked and so did that lovely seed lying out there on the hills! Today in the warmth those little seeds will be swelling and germinating - yay!

So how's that for a seedy weekend?! Hope your's was good too...

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