Monday, March 10, 2014

A brother & a (little) sister

 The younger two of our small people are four years apart...

Mostly, however, they get along VERY well. They are quite similar. They are both on the move constantly. They talk and talk and talk, about anything and everything! They ask a gizillion questions. And they do nearly everything together, at the moment anyway ;-)

So a few weeks ago (when the hills were still very brown) these came along for a walk with my Dad and I.

We'd recently had an excavator clean out a few water holes and we went to investigate. With these two small people I probably should have known better ;-) 

The boy found a stick. As you do. And then he proceeded to 'check' the depth of the water.!

You can guess what happened to the gumboots... they ended up stuck in the mud. Amazingly enough the boy didn't actually end up in the mud/water!

Thankfully the littlest one was sensible enough to stand up high on the bank and just gaze at the mess!

She was rewarded with an interesting fallen trunk to inspect and clamber around on.

These two small people have great little personalities and we enjoy them immensely. Even when they're covered in mud ;-) Of course, they are quite photogenic in their farm hats. The gorgeous girl (not featured here) is also extremely photogenic, although a distinctly different personality.

And with that I must be off. The new week is calling... A fresh new week. I have a tonne of hill shots for you this week and even some food photos taken in my new kitchen :-)
Fresh photos!
Talk soon...

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