Friday, March 14, 2014

Baked Pears

 Morning! Here we have baked pears...

I really must rush. There are a mob of ewes coming into the yards. We're drafting out the soon-to-be-mums out of them. Giving them some drench and putting them into greener pastures! Ready to give birth to a whole new mob of little lambs. Now that's a whole new chapter (and challenge!) - yay!

But for now;

As promised. Some shots in the kitchen. Sort of. Well they are in the kitchen, it's just not very obvious ;-) I'd have to do some serious cleaning for those shots! We'll get there one day. When the ants are gone! More on that another day when the ewes aren't heading in...

I just quartered and cored the pears. Put a crumble mix on top of them (rolled oats, flour, butter, cashews and brown sugar) and baked in the wood stove for an hour or so. Yep, you read that right, the wood stove :-)

One day I'll do a feature on the wood stove ;-) For a sneak (blurred) preview see that shot below. You'll see it when I've cleaned! And mopped the floor!! So the planets will definitely have to be aligned for that one hey?!

Have a great weekend... I'll let you know how the ewes look ;-)

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  1. They are funny pears if you quarter them and they looked like that when you were finished. :-)


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